Focus Forward

The quickest path to housing
& personal development

What is the Focus Forward Program?

Focus Forward is a program that provides a time-limited ten-year rental voucher to applicants who want to increase their income by working toward education or career goals. Focus Forward offers guidance, resources, and financial rewards to support participants in reaching their goals.

Is it true that I can “jump the list” if I participate in Focus Forward?

Yes! If an applicant on the Santa Clara County Housing Authority (SCCHA) Section 8 interest list volunteers to participate in the Focus Forward Program, they will have a greater likelihood of being selected from the interest list within the first year, until we reach our maximum enrollment of 200 Focus Forward participants.

  • Increase your earned income

  • Develop 21st century job skills

  • Pursue higher education

  • Monetary incentives for reaching goals

  • Earn up to $20,000!

How long will I be eligible for a voucher on Focus Forward?

Focus Forward participants will receive Section 8 housing assistance for a maximum of ten years. The ten-year voucher provides participants a chance to achieve their individualized economic/career goals.