Overview of SCCHA Real Estate

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The Santa Clara County Housing Authority (SCCHA) owns and controls more than 2,700 affordable housing units, referred to as the agency's housing portfolio. Our Development and Asset Management Teams oversee all phases: real estate acquisition and development, asset management, property management, resident services, affiliate management and facilities repair/improvements.

The Development and Asset Management Teams report their activities quarterly to the SCCHA Board of Commissioners.

Ownership and Affiliate Management

SCCHA, either directly or through affiliate nonprofit corporations, serves as the owner, managing general partner or co-owner of the agency's housing portfolio. The portfolio includes family and senior properties.

The affiliate corporations are governed by boards of directors; these board meetings are open to the public. Click here for more information about the affiliate boards, meeting agendas and minutes.


SCCHA has financed the development of the majority of its housing portfolio through the federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program , tax exempt bonds and private financing from lenders and investors.

SCCHA's customized debt and equity packages for bond financed, tax credit assisted complexes require an in-depth understanding of capital market trends and credit analysis criteria. SCCHA has also built comfortable working relationships with the top performers in the equity syndication and municipal finance businesses. Because of the agency's reputation for efficient and responsible administration of these complex  finance transaction, the agency has continuing access to the most attractively priced financing. SCCHA is committed to optimizing our project financing strategies in order to minimize the subsidy required without sacrificing the quality of the affordable housing development.

Affordability and Rents

The majority of SCCHA's housing portfolio consists of units restricted to 50% and 60% of the Area Median Income. Rents may vary from property to property.

Property Management and Resident Services

SCCHA contracts with qualified professionals for property management and resident services. The agency's Asset Management Team oversees and administers these contractors. SCCHA relies on The John Stewart Company, a property management provider, to service its housing portfolio:

These property management companies provide on-site management, maintenance, compliance and day-to-day oversight of the agency's housing portfolio.

For a review of the financial impact of SCCHA's transition to third-party property management, click here .

SCCHA provides the residents within its portfolio with on-site services ranging from homework centers to senior nutrition. In addition, SCCHA uses an annual resident survey to assess the quality of these SCCHA service providers.

Development of Affordable Housing

SCCHA is an active and innovative developer of affordable housing. The agency has constructed new housing, rehabilitated and preserved existing housing, and assisted with the development of more than 30 housing developments serving a variety of households including seniors, persons with disabilities, veterans and homeless individuals and families.

Most recently, SCCHA used LIHTC financing to complete the transformation and rehabilitation of 535 units of public housing into SCCHA-controlled properties. SCCHA is continuing to preserve its remaining housing portfolio using LIHTC financing.

Click here to see a list of developments built and/or rehabilitated by SCCHA.

Real Estate Development

In order to help meet the great need for more affordable housing opportunities in Santa Clara County, SCCHA's Development Team works to preserve existing properties through repair and rehabilitation, and to develop new rental units. There are four key financial resources that make this possible: federal low-income housing tax credits that are awarded by the State of California, tax-exempt bonds that are issued by SCCHA and purchased by private investors, conventional bank loans, and local agency loans available through the state, Santa Clara County, cities or SCCHA. Usually, it takes all four of these resources to develop affordable housing.

To be successful, affordable housing must offer tenants rents that are affordable to fixed- or low-income households, and also yield rents that are sufficient to make loan payments and to keep the properties well maintained and managed.

Currently, SCCHA has major projects under development. For more information, please contact localprograms@scchousingauthority.org.

Asset Management

SCCHA strives to ensure that its housing portfolio not only complies with regulatory requirements but also is maintained and operated under standards that meet or exceed the private market. Agency staff has developed a reporting, inspection and compliance structure that ensures clear oversight of the property management companies and that includes regular reviews of the portfolio's income and expenses, regular site inspections, operating compliance reviews and annual audits.

For more information on SCCHA's Asset Management, please email localprograms@scchousingauthority.org.

Bond Issuance

As a municipal agency, SCCHA is able to issue tax-exempt bonds for affordable housing and other eligible development projects. Over the past 20 years, SCCHA has completed more than 30 bond issuances for affordable housing projects. In 2012, SCCHA implemented a new post-issuance compliance monitoring process, as recommended by the IRS.

SCCHA bond issuances are subject to standard fees.

Details of past issuances can be found on the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) system.

For more information on bond issuance, including requests for new bond issuances, please contact localprograms@scchousingauthority.org.