Owner Requested Rent Adjustments


Submitting a Rent Adjustment

After the initial lease term, owners may submit a written request for a rent adjustment. Adjustments can be requested to either increase or decrease the contract rent. The owner/landlord must:

  • Submit the request early enough to ensure that SCCHA receives it at least 60 days prior to the effective date of the rent adjustment, but no earlier than four (4) months prior to the effective date.
  • If the tenant is in an initial lease term, rent adjustments will be processed no earlier than 60 days before the lease expiration date.
  • Address the notice to the tenant and provide SCCHA with a copy. The notice must be signed by the owner/agent, and include the effective date of rent adjustment and the requested dollar amount.
  • Owners are only required to submit a Unit Amenities Form when there has been a change in the amenities.

Receiving the Notice

SCCHA will review all requests for rent adjustments to determine if a change can be made.

  • Proposed rent adjustment is reviewed to determine rent reasonableness by analyzing rents for other comparable unassisted units in the market.
  • If SCCHA determines that the proposed rent adjustment is not reasonable, you will be notified by SCCHA and invited to provide information that you believe supports your rent amount. If you do not provide additional information, or the information that you provide does not support your position, the request will be denied.
  • If SCCHA determines that the rent adjustment is reasonable, SCCHA will notify the owner and program participant of the change in rent and the effective date of the change.