Housing Resource and Voucher Allocation Policy Public Process

In an effort to best manage and spread our county’s limited housing resources among as many needy families and individuals as possible, SCCHA’s Board is in the process of establishing a comprehensive Housing Resources and Voucher Allocation Policy (HRVAP).

The objective of the HRVAP public process is to gather input from Santa Clara County’s affordable housing stakeholders -- current voucher holders, people on the voucher waiting list, landlords, affordable housing developers, city and county government staff, elected officials, service providers and advocates -- about the allocation of SCCHA’s scarce housing assistance resources moving forward.

The public process entails four phases:

  1. Kickoff – Click here to view the presentation slides.
  2. Focused Engagement
  3. Refinement and Finalization of Public Input
  4. Policy Development

Note: Click here to hear the HRVAP presentation and view supporting documents presented to SCCHA’s Board on April 14, 2015.

Please get involved in this important community outreach by joining our policy discussions. Go to www.scchousingauthority.org for more information or contact Leif Christiansen at 408-993-3085 or leif.christiansen@SCCHA.org.

Follow this link to take the Housing Resources Community Survey for Santa Clara County.