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For Participants

Please see the general response timelines below:

Response to call or email: Housing Specialists are working through their messages as quickly as possible and it may take up to 3 business days to respond to your inquiry. If your Housing Specialist is out of the office, another staff member will cover the answering of their calls and/or emails.

Response to income change request: processing times for income change requests is roughly 4-6 weeks. When your request is processed, SCCHA will send a letter to you and your landlord notifying all parties of the change. In many cases, the effective date of your new rent amount is the first day of the month after your Housing Specialist has received all supporting documentation.

Response to request for reasonable accommodation: The processing time for reasonable accommodation requests is roughly 4-6 weeks. Reasonable accommodations requests may be submitted to your Housing Specialist either verbally or in writing. After you share the request with SCCHA, the medical or other knowledgeable professional you listed in the request must respond to SCCHA's confirmation inquiry. SCCHA will mail you a letter with the decision.

SCCHA offers interpretation and translation services to ensure equal access to our housing programs for those with limited English proficiency. Please click the translation button in the top right corner of your screen or contact us at (408) 875-2770 for assistance.

As a Housing Choice Voucher participant, you'll generally pay 30% of your income in rent. The easiest way to find your rent portion is by using the Tenant Portal, where you can always find your updated rent amount without having to contact your Housing Specialist.

For Landlords

This is not true. Landlords can charge the full rent no matter who the tenant is. SCCHA must determine that the proposed rent is reasonable and is not higher than units in that area with similar amenities.

Actually, HCV tenants are typically long-term tenants, living in a unit for 7-8 years on average. There are no documented statistics showing that HCV participants are any more likely to damage units or not pay rent than are non-HCV tenants. Landlords use their own screening criteria and should screen HCV tenants as they would screen any other tenant to avoid problem tenants.

Yes, HCV tenants are bound by the terms of their rental agreements and are subject to eviction as is any non-HCV tenant.

General Questions

We anticipate re-opening our main office, with modified operations, to serve the public at the beginning of 2023. In the meantime staff is available by phone, email, and fax during regular business hours to assist you.
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