SCCHA Mission

To provide and inspire affordable housing solutions to enable low-income people and families in Santa Clara County to achieve financial stability and self-reliance.

Moving to Work

SCCHA is among the original 39 agencies out of approximately 3,200 PHAs to be granted Moving to Work status, a special designation from HUD that allows our agency to make strategic program and policy changes to better address Silicon Valley’s critical shortage of affordable housing. We seek to expand beyond operational efficiency to assist as many families as possible and pioneer housing strategies that can be replicated at PHAs nationwide.

We design our Moving to Work programs to meet the following three statutory goals established by Congress:

Promote participants’ economic self-sufficiency

Decrease administrative costs and increase cost effectiveness in housing program operations

Expand participants’ housing choices


The day-to-day operation of the Santa Clara County Housing Authority (SCCHA) is carried out by our dedicated employees working under the guidance of department directors and led by the executive director.


SCCHA operates in three primary arenas to create affordable housing opportunities in Santa Clara County:

Federal Rental Assistance

SCCHA provides rental assistance for over 19,000 low-income households annually, representing over $33 million dollars in rental subsidy to local landlords each month.

Project Based Vouchers

SCCHA’s PBVs are integral to ending homelessness through long-term solutions like permanent supportive housing, and are a key financing tool for developers seeking the County’s 2016 Measure A affordable housing bond funds. With over 2,700 PBVs already attached to units being leased or in construction, SCCHA now has nearly 4,000 more PBVs available for utilization in San Jose and throughout the County, providing a total subsidy of $33 million annually to house the most vulnerable in our community.

Affordable Housing Development

SCCHA is creating safe and livable communities by executing a robust array of development activities including land acquisition, new construction developments, and major renovations and refinances of SCCHA’s housing portfolio. Our real estate activities support several strategies and initiatives in the County’s Community Plan to End Homelessness, including prioritizing the development of housing for extremely-low income individuals and expanding permanent supportive housing. SCCHA owns and controls over 2,900 affordable housing units, with close to 1,000 units in our current development pipeline.

Strategic Priority Areas

Housing Availability and Affordability

  • Increase the number of and equitable access to housing opportunities for low-income Santa Clara County Residents.
  • Preserve the existing housing opportunities available to low-income County residents to counter displacement of those who are most impacted by the County’s income disparity and housing crisis.

Partnerships + and Supporting the Community Plan to End Homelessness

Understand and address the needs of low and extremely low-income individuals and build strong partnerships that promote better outcomes those in need of maintaining, affording, or securing housing.

Operational Excellence

Maximize agency fiscal health, efficiency and effectiveness by streamlining processes, adopting technology and embracing innovation.