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Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Program Benefits for Owners

Security and Convenience of Reliable Regular Rental Payment

You will receive the majority of your rent on time every month through our Housing Assistance Payment (HAP). Your tenant’s portion of the rent is more likely to be paid on time because their continued eligibility and participation in the Housing Choice Voucher program requires it. Receiving your HAP payment by direct deposit is fast, secure, and convenient.

There are 19,000 families in Santa Clara County with Housing Choice Vouchers who are renting units. offers free options for advertising your rental vacancy.

Rental Payment Safety Net

If your tenant loses a job or other income, SCCHA will perform an interim re-examination of income. In this case, the tenant’s portion of rent would decrease due to loss of income; SCCHA would increase its rental subsidy to make up for the loss, and you would continue collecting the same amount of rent, on-time.

New and Improved Owner Portal

Our easy to use online owner portal allows you to set up direct deposit for your Housing Assistance Payments, print copies of your 1099 tax form, request rent increases, see the history of requests and communicate easily with the SCCHA staff working with you and your tenants.

How to Start Renting to Tenants
with a Housing Choice Voucher


List Your Rental Unit

List your rental vacancy at


Contact and Screen Tenant

Owners screen Housing Choice Voucher holders the same way they screen their potential open-market tenants.


Pass Home Inspection

Once you agree to lease to the tenant, SCCHA will schedule your unit for an initial Housing Quality Standards inspection. Thereafter, inspections are conducted every two years to ensure the unit is kept in a safe, decent, and sanitary condition. SCCHA provides a checklist prior to the inspection so you know in advance what is required. Be sure to review the packet provided to you titled Request For Tenancy Approval (RFTA).

See the Inspection Checklist

Set Monthly Contract Rent

SCCHA will determine that the monthly rent you are asking is “reasonable” considering comparable rental units in the area. Subsidized rents may not be more than non-subsidized rents for similar units.


Sign Lease Agreement & Contract with SCCHA

After your unit passes inspection and the rent is approved, you and your tenant sign your own lease agreement that incorporates HUD’s “Tenancy Addendum.” The initial lease term is 12 months and can continue on a month-to-month basis (no notice required) or a new lease can be executed (60-day written notice required to both the tenant and SCCHA). You’ll also sign a concurrent HAP contract with SCCHA.

You are encouraged to collect security deposits, which must not exceed the amounts you charge to unassisted tenants and must be in compliance with state and local laws. It is the tenant’s responsibility to pay the security deposit.


Enforce the Lease

You are responsible for enforcing the lease agreement and must provide SCCHA with a copy of any notice served to the tenant. If the tenant is committing serious and repeated violations of the lease, notify SCCHA, as this is a breach of the tenant’s Family Obligations and can lead to termination of their Housing Choice Voucher rental assistance.


Our Owner Services Department is available to answer any questions landlords may have, and will work diligently to research and resolve any concerns that may arise.

Read Full FAQ

List your vacant unit on (formerly You’ll be instantly connected to a pipeline of tenants who are ready to lease!

The process of leasing to a tenant with a Housing Choice Voucher consists of the submission of the Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) packet, followed by Rent Reasonable process, and inspection scheduling. After move-in dates are confirmed, the first Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) will be issued when we receive the signed lease agreements.

We work through this process as quickly as possible. Your attention to detail with submitted documents and timely response to our communication will support a more efficient process.

SCCHA's 3rd party inspection agency NMAI will contact you to determine a time that's convenient to conduct the Housing Quality Standards inspection.

Inspection Process

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us by phone at 1-888-827-7091.