Move Process

Participants in SCCHA’s housing assistance programs can transfer their assistance from one rental unit to another. There are three steps to the move process: Intent to Vacate, Receiving the Voucher and Submitting the Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) packet.

Intent to Vacate

Prior to moving out of your current unit, you must serve a notice to the owner/landlord and to SCCHA.

  • You must serve a proper 30-day notice to the owner/landlord and provide SCCHA a copy. A proper notice must:
    • Be a written notice addressed to the owner or landlord,
    • Include the actual move-out date, and
    • Be signed by the tenant.
  • Your Housing Specialist will review the notice to confirm your eligibility to move.
  • You may not be eligible to move if you are still in a lease term, violated a family obligation, or owe SCCHA money.
  • If you need an extension on your move-out date, you must submit a written request to your Housing Specialist 5 days before the actual move-out date. This request must be signed and dated by both the owner/landlord and participant.

If the family remains in unit after the effective move-out date, the family will be responsible for paying the full contract rent to the owner.

Search GoSection8 and other rental listing websites for available units.

Receiving the Voucher

The voucher is the document which provides verification that you are receiving assistance and are eligible to move.

  • If you are eligible to move, you will receive written notification when your voucher is available for pick up.
  • The head of household will have to come to the office to sign and pick up the voucher.
  • The voucher is issued for 120 days. If you do not pick up your voucher or if it expires, you may lose your assistance.

If you have not moved recently and want to attend a briefing that explains the move process, please advise your Housing Specialist.

SCCHA also offers monthly Housing Search Workshops to assist you in finding your next home. At this workshop, you will gain ideas for how to impress prospective landlords and learn about available tools and community resources to assist you in your search process. Due to SCCHA's office building closure due to COVID-19, our Housing Search Workshops are now available to view online:

English workshop (read only)

Spanish workshop (read only)

Vietnamese workshop (read only)

You may also listen to one of SCCHA's workshop facilitators present the English workshop here. SCCHA will provide one-on-one workshops in Spanish or Vietnamese upon request by calling 408-993-2986.

Submitting the Request for Tenancy Approval Packet

The RFTA packet is the document that advises SCCHA which unit you would like to rent.

  • When you pick up your voucher, you will also receive your RFTA packet.
  • Once you find a unit you wish to rent, provide the packet to the owner or landlord of the property.
  • The owner/landlord will complete the packet and both the owner/landlord and tenant will sign the packet.
  • Once the RFTA packet is complete, it must be submitted to SCCHA.
  • Once the RFTA packet is received by SCCHA, a Housing Specialist will review the information.
  • Upon approval of the RFTA packet, the New Contract Inspection of the unit will be scheduled.
  • Rent reasonableness will be determined and the owner/landlord will be contacted if necessary.

You may only have one RFTA packet at a time.