675 East Santa Clara Street Planning Process

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About the Project

The Santa Clara County Housing Authority (SCCHA), with our consultant David Baker Architects, is working on designs for the development of a portion of the former San José Hospital site on East Santa Clara Street at 14th Street. The program includes affordable housing, Housing Authority offices with a ground-floor customer service center, ground floor retail, and open space.

The project includes two sites with slightly different development timelines: 

  • The North Lot at 15th St. and East St. John St. is a single lot with a single use (all affordable housing), so its development process is more straightforward and may move at a faster pace.
  • The Main Site at 14th St. and East Santa Clara St. is more complex because it includes affordable housing, SCCHA offices*, retail and a public plaza. It is expected to trail the North Lot timeline. 


Project Timeline

Community Meetings

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VIRTUAL COMMUNITY MEETING #2 - Sept 24 - Oct 15, 2020

During this four week window, we invite you to review our draft designs via our video presentation,  share your comments via our survey, and ask questions at a virtual Q&A session. Here’s how:

Will submit our designs to the City of San Jose for Preliminary Review during this window, so that we are gathering input from the City and the community at the same time.




The City requires 45 days to review our application. We will create revised designs once we receive City feedback and community comments. In early 2021, we will host a final community open house (virtual or in person) to share the designs, hear your comments, and answer any outstanding questions. At that time, we will also submit our Planning Application(s) to the City.




Thank you to those who participated in our virtual engagement! 




The site is located between East Santa Clara, East Saint John, 14th Street and the former 15th Street corridor. It also includes a smaller site on the north side of East Saint John between 15th Street and 16th Street.















Background Documents


Contact Us

Please send your questions and comments to esc@scchousingauthority.org



●   Who owns the rest of the former San José Hospital site?

The County of Santa Clara owns the land between East Santa Clara, East Saint John, the 15th Street corridor and 17th Street. SCCHA owns the property within the purview of the proposed project for 675 East Santa Clara Street.

●   What’s the difference between County of Santa Clara and Santa Clara County Housing Authority?

The County of Santa Clara and the SCCHA are separate government entities. SCCHA is a public housing authority created under state law. SCCHA provides affordable housing solutions for Santa Clara County residents and operates the federal Section 8 program County-wide.

●   What’s happening on the portion of the site owned by the County?

Now that the master planning process is complete, the SCCHA and the County are proceeding separately with their respective portions of the site. Please contact the County directly for information on their development plans: https://www.sccgov.org/sites/faf/capital-projects/escs/Pages/escs-team.aspx.

●   What is the East Santa Clara Master Plan (ESC Master Plan)?

The ESC Master Plan is a document created to guide the development of the former San Jose Hospital site. It was the result of a joint process in 2018 and 2019 between the SCCHA and County of Santa Clara, with input from the community.

●   What is the East Santa Clara Street Urban Village Plan?

The East Santa Clara Street Urban Village Plan is a City Council approved policy document guiding the future growth in the area around East Santa Clara Street between 7th and 17th Streets, by establishing a framework for the transition of the area into a vibrant mixed-use and pedestrian-oriented district. The ESC Master Plan was developed in conformance with the East Santa Clara Street Urban Village Plan.

●   How is this project related to the East Santa Clara Master Plan or East Santa Clara Street Urban Village Plan?

This project is guided by the goals, policies, standards, and guidelines set in the East Santa Clara Master Plan and East Santa Clara Street Urban Village Plan.