Program Integrity / Reporting Fraud

What is Program Integrity and Fraud

Program integrity is participant compliance with housing program rules. Fraud is the intentional abuse of these rules. SCCHA is committed to upholding the integrity and effectiveness of its programs and operations, and will investigate every fraud allegation.

How to Report Fraud

To report suspected fraud, you may either:

  • Call the Fraud Hotline 408-993-3000. You will be instructed to leave your name and contact information and the Fraud Allegation form will be mailed to you.
  • Complete the Fraud Allegation Form and drop it off or mail to SCCHA attn: Fraud.

To download a copy of the Fraud Allegation form, click here

What Happens Next

  • SCCHA will determine if the allegation is proper.
  • Proper allegations will be investigated.
  • Appropriate action will be taken against the participant or owner; which may include termination of assistance or referral to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office.
  • Repayment of debts owed.

All allegations are strictly confidential; no one will be provided information about any investigation.