Don’t worry about
lost paperwork or delays.

With the Tenant Applicant Portal, or TAP, you can easily notify SCCHA of important changes to your household, from requesting a reasonable accommodation and uploading documents for a change in income to requesting to add or remove a family member.

Upload documents through SCCHA Tenant Applicant Portal on desktop and mobile

Tap send and receive message & reminders

Need a reminder of your monthly rent amount?

TAP has important information such as your rent amount, the name of your Specialist, and your next reexamination date. TAP can send you reminders of appointments or important dates such as when a shopping voucher will expire.

TAP is available anytime through a web browser. You can save the icon to your phone or tablet for easy access.

Send messages or updates anytime of the day or on weekends.

TAP is not available through the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

TAP available on desktop, tablet and mobile through a web browser