Section 8 Landlord Resources

The success of the federal Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) program depends on the participation of nonprofit and private property owners. SCCHA works with more than 9,000 property owners in Santa Clara County who rent to about 17,000 participant households. The agency remains grateful to property owners for continuing to rent to SCCHA voucher holders who are facing the challenges of finding housing in the volatile Silicon Valley rental market.

As a property owner participating in the Section 8 program, you must comply with certain regulations and procedures as established by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and SCCHA. You must manage your property as you would for any unassisted tenant, including screening and selecting tenants, but you enjoy the security of regular housing assistance payments from SCCHA. The agency is committed to continuously improving the efficiency of procedures to ensure that participating in the Section 8 program is a positive experience for owners.

If you are thinking about renting to a Section 8 participant, or are a current owner and would like more information about the voucher program, please read the Introduction to Voucher Program and then list your vacancy on the Unit Listing.

Owner Information Sessions

The agency hosts regular workshops to provide owners with program information, resources, and tools for successfully navigating program processes.  Prospective, new, and ongoing owners are welcome! 

Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Owner Information Session flyer

If you are interested in owner workshops for the Housing Choice Voucher program (also known as Section 8), click here to register.

Project Based Voucher (PBV) Owner Information Session flyer – must be a current PBV owner to attend

2013 Section 8 Program Changes

In 2013, SCCHA made several changes to the Section 8 program that allow the agency to continue paying rent for all 17,000 low-income families despite recent reductions in federal funding of the Section 8 program. Please read the document below for more information on these Section 8 program changes.

Update: Since the changes were implemented, increases in the 2014 Section 8 funding have allowed SCCHA to reduce the tenant rent portion share from 35% to 32% of the family’s gross monthly income.

SCCHA Appoints an Owner Ombudsperson

Housing Programs Compliance Coordinator Susanne Cordova has been appointed SCCHA’s Owner Ombudswoman. Ombudswoman Cordova intercedes for Section 8 property owners when problems arise that are not resolved by the assigned Housing Specialist or Supervisor. As a neutral party, she will research and ensure that every owner’s concerns are satisfactorily addressed.

As always, property owners and landlords are encouraged to call their assigned Housing Specialist with routine questions and concerns.

To contact Owner Ombudswoman Susanne Cordova, email her at  or call her at (408) 993-2949.